Amy Adams has put supposed 'Today Show' drama behind her

Amy Adams Has Put the 'Today Show' Drama Behind Her
Amy Adams Has Put the 'Today Show' Drama Behind Her

If Amy Adams ever had beef with "Today," well, that's apparently yesterday's news.

The Golden Globe winner was reportedly dropped from the NBC program and unable to promote her film "Big Eyes" because she reportedly refused to discuss the Sony hacking leaks.

Back in December, the New York Post's Page Six reported that Amy's appearance was abruptly cancelled, because they wanted to ask her about how she and her female "American Hustle" co-stars were not given equal pay for their roles -- something discovered in the email leaks -- but she didn't want to venture down that road.

Amy was apparently "confused and frustrated" that she wasn't able to appear on the program for that reason. Yet, at the Golden Globes, Amy reportedly did interviews with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie from the "Today," and the incident went unmentioned.

Of course, Amy ended up winning for her role in "Big Eyes" anyway, so, we guess it's far from a big deal.

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