The best couponing tips for 2015

Odds are you've started the year with a list full of New Year's resolutions that might include weight loss, travel plans, getting a new or better job or volunteering more. Regardless of what they are, if saving money isn't one of them, then add it to your list now. Unlike some of the other popular resolutions, saving money is one that's hard to disagree with and easy to stick to. After all, why choose to pay more if you don't have to? To set yourself on the right financial foot, I'll focus on one essential piece of a successful budget: couponing. It's free, easy and yields savings almost instantly. In other words, to make saving money work in the New Year, your best tool is coupons. And never underestimate the value of good old common sense.

Cheers to a cheap(er) New Year!

Click through the gallery above to find out the best couponing tips for 2015.

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