'Micro pig' grows up to be 670lb wonder pig

'Micro Pig' Grows Up To Be 670lb Wonder Pig

This is Esther the micro pig. She's a famous pig because...she's huge.

Her owners, Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, adopted her two years ago in Canada. They never expected she would turn into the polar bear-sized swine she's become.

They thought she'd grow to be around 70lbs, but she's now weighing in at a whopping 670lbs and counting!

But this wonder pig isn't gorging on comfort foods. She eats a vegan diet full of oats, barley and plenty of fruits and vegetables several times a day.

Esther the HUGE pig
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'Micro pig' grows up to be 670lb wonder pig

Steve says he and Derek had a hard time realizing what was happening at first.

"We lived in denial for a long-time. Friends would come over and say 'she's getting bigger' and Derek and I would say 'no she's not'. But soon she was standing up to steal things off the kitchen counters, the couch became smaller, and of course there was the weight gain. We just adapted and loved her more."

And they aren't the only ones Esther has grown on.

Her Facebook page has more than 240,000 likes. When she got too big to fit on the couch, fans sent her blankets to lay on at home.

And we have to admit, even at 670 lbs, she's still pretty darn cute.

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