Is the 'Sister Wives' family adding another member?

Is the 'Sister Wives' Family Adding Another Member?
Is the 'Sister Wives' Family Adding Another Member?

On Sunday night's episode of "Sister Wives," we found out husband Kody Brown is having another woman move in with him -- and no, it's not a fifth wife.

"We're going to go up to Salt Lake where Christine's mother lives," said Kody Brown on "Sister Wives."

"My mom is going to be moving in about five to six weeks. We're going to see how much stuff she has and how many rooms she's going to need to have," said Christine Brown.

Yes, Christine's mother will be reportedly moving into the Brown household very soon. Christine said she'll have one bedroom and one living-room all to herself.

Before the episode aired, a writer with Christian Today speculated, if the mystery woman wasn't a new wife, she could be Kody's mother. That prediction may not have not been too far off, though.

Kody said there's a chance all four of his mother's-in-law, as well as his own mother, could all live together in the same house. He said it felt like an "obligation."

A writer for TVRuckus notes this may actually work for the Brown family, as long as enough kids leave the nest before Kody's five mothers all want a spot for themselves.

"It is a good thing kids are growing up and moving out of the Brown household, because when mother-in-laws start moving in, it can get really crowded really fast!"

Many fans on Twitter seemed unable to fathom just how, um, challenging it could potentially be to have four mothers-in-law.

We're with you on that one, Twitter. One mother-in-law would probably be more than enough for us.

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