4th grade students allegedly plotted to kill teacher

4th Grade Students Plotted To Kill Teacher
4th Grade Students Plotted To Kill Teacher

A group of fourth graders in New York are accused of plotting to kill their teacher.

According to an incident report, three girls who attend Elba Elementary School devised a plan to kill their teacher with hand sanitizer after she yelled at them.

In December just before winter break, the 9 and 10-year-old students planned to put it on things around the classroom that they knew the teacher would touch. The teacher banned antibacterial products in her classroom because she is highly allergic to them.

Their plot was foiled when another student in the class learned of the plan and told their parents.

The school contacted police who spoke with the students and their parents. According to the New York Daily News police had found little motive for the scheme beyond the fact that the children said the teacher "is mean."

No charges were filed against the girls. Police handed the case over to the school board which suspended two of the students.

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