Celebs getting ready for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Celebs Get Ready for the Golden Globe Awards 2015
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Celebs getting ready for the 2015 Golden Globe Awards
"Asked Michael Keaton for a selfie. He was so cool about it. #GoldenGlobes" - @SethMeyers #regram
Going with a berry lip for today's #GoldenGlobes Countdown show and then doing a quick change for Live From the Red Carpet 💋 We are LIVE on E! at 1pm pacific/4pm eastern!!!!! #eredcarpet
We in here. @gorjessmakeup and @larryjarahsims got me in here looking like a Gorgeous Gangsta. I'm embracing it. #goldenglobes
The Glam Squad in action! #goldenglobes2015
Getting GoldenGlobe-ified for the NBC arrivals special! Red carpet air thick with excitement, hairspray...
As I sit here in my living room and prepare my fake ballots to celebrate the hard work the casts and crews of Hollywood have achieved in the past year, I am so grateful and humbled to have been a part of something rewarding enough to have stood on that very stage, not once but twice (!) before the ripe age of 24. Especially because it's our last final season to take our final bows, I say, wow. That was pretty cool. 👍⭐️🙌 good luck to all our friends and colleagues there tonight 😘
This guy!
@GoldenGlobes day text talk with my buddy @thisisjilliantaylor: Jill: I just dreamt about you all night. (You wanted to be called Courtney.) I woke up and thought "Maybe Lu wants to go to brunch today." Then I remembered that you're probably in Ca. Well, I miss you and I look forward to catching up when you return ❤️ Me: Oh Jill, I love you! I am indeed in cali and the weather is rainy :-( it's golden globes day too so i'll have to wear a ball gown and freeze in it. Mwah Jill: You know, Buddhist monks imagine a flame in their anus in order to keep warm in cold weather. Red carpet technique? Me: Ahahahahahahhaha Happy #GoldenGlobes everyone!
Here we go - in my face. @Karenkawahara @GoldenGlobes @veepHBO #GoldenGlobes
Essentials: ticket, coffee and Jane watching over me. @dunkindonuts #ad #awardseason #redcarpet #janethevirgin
Getting a taco. Feeling calm and grateful. #GoldenGlobes2015 picture I sent to my daughter Bella this morning.
Little peek behind the scenes ;) #goldenglobes #glam #makeup by @spencerbarnesla 😘😊
Rehearsing in the rain for The #GoldenGlobes. It's so good to be back! We got in trouble for having to much fun I don't think we have ever laughed so hard! #19Platforms #PhoneWatch 😂😂😂

Ah, it's that time of the year again -- where the red carpet starts rolling and celebrities gear up to head to awards shows! The Golden Globe Awards is one of the most prestigious and anticipated events of the year, where stars really put in the work to show off on the red carpet. Check out how all of these big names got ready for the night of a lifetime!

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