U.S. states reach temperatures almost as cold as Mars

Almost As Cold As Mars!
Almost As Cold As Mars!

Blustery, bitter cold temperatures were felt in two-thirds of the country recently and yes, it was cold but not the coldest place on Earth.

There's one spot, that came close to the surface of a planet 78 million miles away.

Here's a mind-boggler -- this week, daytime low temperatures in Siberia, reached minus 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is roughly on par with some daily low temperatures of our neighboring planet -- Mars. It's believed that temperatures in the mid-latitudes of Mars can reach minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Estcourt Station, Maine hit minus 38 degrees Fahrenheit this week and Chicken, Alaska hit a whopping low of minus 49 degrees. Don't be mistaken, though ... Mars wins by a long shot.

Temperatures reach a very, very frigid minus 153 degrees Celsius at the poles, according to NASA. So, when you're complaining about freezing, it could be worse.

Freezing temperatures are headed over eastern states this weekend. Can the weather be colder than Mars? Let's hope not!

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