Teacher under fire for controversial classroom treats

Teacher Under Fire for Controversial Classroom Treats
Teacher Under Fire for Controversial Classroom Treats

MANTECA, CALIF. (KTXL) - An Manteca-area student is accusing his teacher of promoting religion in a public school setting. New Vision High School teacher John Alameda allegedly rewarded students with Bible cookies at the continuation school. Now, a national organization is stepping in and is demanding the Manteca Unified School District stop him.

"The teacher should stop this unlawful proselytization (sic) and pushing of religion on, near vulnerable students." Alex Luchenitser, the Associate Legal Director for Americans United for Separation of Church and State told FOX40 Thursday in a phone interview.

A New Vision High school student filed a complaint with Americans United against MUSD teacher John Alameda, "All this conduct of the teacher is a clear violation of the U.S. constitution," Luchenitser said.

The letter FOX40 obtained claimed the Manteca teacher had been giving Bible cookies to students. It added, the teacher offered extra credit for copying Bible verses, "Sometimes, this kind of thing happens when school employees aren't informed of the law," Luchenitser explained.

MUSD said they're conducting their own investigation into the allegations.

In a statement, the Superintendent said, "The Manteca Unified School District is currently conducting an investigation into the complaint filed by the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. While respecting the diversity and beliefs of our community, the Manteca Unified School District is dedicated to ensure the separation of Church and State as prescribed by law," Clark Burke, Ed. Deputy Superintendent.

Americans United said they received an initial response and are waiting for a substantive response from MUSD.

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