School principal suspended for losing his temper

Principal Suspended For Alleged Death Threats Against Students
Principal Suspended For Alleged Death Threats Against Students

A Wisconsin town is calling for a middle school principal's job after he called students "idiots" and allegedly threatened to kill them.

As the La Crosse Tribune reports, Bluff View Intermediate School principal Aaron Amundson is on unpaid leave after insulting students. But it's the allegations that he threatened physical harm that has many parents in the town wanting him fired.

One letter of complaint against Amundson details an incident where the principal called a group of students "idiots" for not performing well at a band recital; an event he admits to. But another letter of complaint claims he blew up at a female student when she asked which line she should get in for a bus; a claim he firmly denies.

According to the latter letter, he shouted, "God help me if you have to ask me what line you're in, I am going to kill ya."

Amundson was previously punished for being unprofessional with an employee.

For this most recent incident, he's been suspended for five days without pay.

In a letter to the school Amundson apologized for his behavior, writing, "I appreciate the fact that people are showing concern for the matter as they simply want what I want, and that is what is best for kids."

Amundson's not the only school principal to find himself in the hot seat after making inappropriate comments. Brooklyn principal Donna Taylor shocked a room full of parents during a November open house when she made an apparent dig at Spanish-speaking families.

According to a report by DNA Info, she said, "In New York City, if you don't speak Spanish, you're going to clean your own house."

She sent an email to parents apologizing for her poor choice of words.

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