'Mysterious' chunks of ice crash through roof of home


'Mysterious' Chunks of Ice Crash Through Man's Roof
'Mysterious' Chunks of Ice Crash Through Man's Roof

CHICAGO– Even all this crazy weather we've been having doesn't explain the discovery one Chicago man made in his living room.

A mysterious massive chunk of ice seems to have fallen from the sky, leaving a nice sized hole in one man's ceiling. The ice came crashing through a Ravenswood Manor apartment building leaving a hole that is now temporarily boarded-up.

But the apartment owner says he's not sure how to look at this unexplained phenomenon. John Connors is talking about the discovery he made in his apartment Tuesday evening. Debris was all over his living room, chunks of ice were everywhere and a gaping hole was punched in the ceiling.

"I walked over here and I looked up and I could see the sky though the hole."

Connors says a chunk of ice the size of a basketball weighing somewhere around 15 pounds came crashing in through the roof of his "penthouse suite" while he was at work.

"The force that it went through to break that beam must have been intense."

"Anybody that had sat there would be dead."

Right now, it falls into the category of the "unexplained, " with the only witness being Connor's now traumatized cat, Oscar.

Connor said [his] "First thought is it must have fallen off a plane. And then doing research there's this thing called mega cry ... what is it called?"

He's talking about "Megacryometeors" -- massive ice chunks that seemingly fall out of clear skies.

Scientists can't seem to agree on the origin of these ice chunks.

Connors believes it all happened around 11:30 Tuesday morning, based on information from his neighbor, Doris.

"I heard this terrible blast! Hrhhh! And i thought, oh my God, somebody's house just blowed-up," Connors' neighbor Doris Patitz said.

The discovery was not made until about six hours later, when Connors returned home from work.

"This is like the main body of it. There are more shards in there and there were a few pieces I threw away," he said.

Connors is now saving the pieces in his freezer, and he says he's not sure what he's going to do with them.

His friends are suggesting everything from selling them on eBay to donating them to a museum.

"I keep saying is this a good thing or is this a bad thing, is this like wow, I should play the lottery or maybe I should get out of dodge."

Connors has reached out to the FAA about this falling ice.

He's still waiting for a response.

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