Daredevils 'hang out' 400 feet above Utah desert

Daredevil 'Hangs Out' 400 Feet Above Utah Desert
Daredevil 'Hangs Out' 400 Feet Above Utah Desert

Whether you want to call him a real life Spider-Man or Daredevil, it doesn't matter. Either way, there's something super Andy Lewis.

This past November, the 28-year-old traversed a web-like platform some 400 feet above the Utah desert with a group of friends. According to the Daily Mail, the adventurer carefully walked along the inch-wide rope that stretches as far as two hundred feet. At one point, the California slack-liner even jumped across a large gap in the center.

While the stunt looks terrifying, Lewis is a pro. You might even recognize him from his appearance during Madonna's 2012 Super Bowl halftime show. In fact, he started trending on Twitter, specifically because people all around the world were worried about his... manhood.

Even more incredible than his Super Bowl performance and his Utah stunt, Lewis holds the world record for walking the longest urban high line ever after walking nearly 530 feet in Bangkok over the summer.

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