Cheating scandal rocks Dartmouth College

College Students Suspended For Cheating In An Ethics Class

Dozens of Dartmouth College students are suspended following accusations they were cheating, ironically, in an ethics class.

The Boston Globe reports that Dartmouth has confirmed up to 64 students broke the school's honor code by cheating in the undergraduate course "Sports , Ethics, and Religion."

Professor Randall Balmer provides students with electric hand-held clickers to answer questions in class, and he started noticing that the number of answers he received surpassed the number of students in his classroom. Apparently, a number of students were using the individually-registered devices to answer for their friends as well.

If the accused students are found to be in violation of the school's honor code, they will likely be suspended for one term.

Balmer told the Boston Globe, "A lot of the students will probably come away with a stain on their transcripts. And, a level of trust that is so necessary for students and teachers has been betrayed, and I feel sad about that."

In an article published in the college paper, The Dartmouth, Balmer said he has no plan to fail the students for cheating, however, he will lower their overall grade by one letter.
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