Black lab eats $23,000 worth of jewelry

Black Lab Eats 23K Worth of Jewelry
Black Lab Eats 23K Worth of Jewelry

This Oklahoma woman has learned way not to leave her wedding rings around in the presence of her Labrador the hard way.

Dogs eat all kinds of stuff they aren't supposed to --- socks, shoes, furniture -- for some dogs, everything is a snack. For Sierra, a black lab from Tulsa, her human mother's wedding rings looked like the tastiest of treats. Sierra is a repeat offender when it comes to chowing down on things she shouldn't, so when Stephanie Lamb noticed her rings were missing she knew just where to look.

Dr. Robards, a local vet decided to perform emergency surgery on Sierra after an X-ray revealed the jewelry was ingested. The vet noted that during the procedure she found sticks and rocks as well as the rings. All and all Sierra ate about $23,000 worth of jewelry.

But a Great Dane in Portland might have Sierra beat. In September, vets extracted 43 and a half socks from his stomach. After the poor pup was violently ill, vets discovered a large mass in his belly that turned out to be all the missing socks that his owners thought magically disappeared.

Just like Sierra, the Great Dane was expected to make full recovery.

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