'Biggest Loser' players get teary during dramatic makeovers

'Biggest Loser' Players Get Teary During Dramatic Makeovers
'Biggest Loser' Players Get Teary During Dramatic Makeovers

The final four "Biggest Loser" contestants were treated to a complete makeover on Thursday night's episode, courtesy of fashion guru Tim Gunn and world renowned hairstylist Ken Paves.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house once Lori, Toma, Rob and Sonya revealed their brand new looks to their coaches.

"Good heavens!" said Timm Gunn on "The Biggest Loser."

If showing off their new and improved selves to their coaches wasn't enough, the contestants also got to see their loved ones for the very first time since they started on the show.

Lori's husband and son were instantly overcome with emotion the second they saw how much she had changed in just 15 weeks.

"Oh my god, baby!" said Andrew Mack.

"I've never seen my mom look so pretty ever before!" said Shawn.

Toma's mother and sister were so proud of everything he's accomplished with "The Biggest Loser" so far.

Rob's brother couldn't believe his eyes once he saw the much smaller and fitter Rob.

Sonya's best friend was speechless after seeing her beautiful new figure for the very first time.

"Biggest Loser" fans on Twitter were getting just as emotional as the contestants, with many admitting they teared up during the episode.

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