The world's safest and least safe airlines

The World's Safest And Least Safe Airlines
The World's Safest And Least Safe Airlines has released its annual report on which airlines are the safest and pointing out those best not traveled.

They've declared Qantas as having the best record, just as they did last year. A spokesperson for the website noted that they do have the youngest fleet in the air, with an average plane age of slightly less than 8 years. Qantas has been around for 94 years.

Other airlines that performed particularly well include British Airways, Emirates, and Singapore Airlines. They were joined in the top 10 category by Lufthansa, Finnair and others.

Safest airlines, in alphabetical order:

AirlineRatings also put together a list of the safest budget airlines. Among them were JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Icelandair, and Thomas Cook Airlines. Scores are given via a 7-star system and factors considered in determining how many are granted include government audits, operational performance, and fatality records.

Safest budget airlines, in alphabetical order:

Malaysia Airlines, which experienced two highly publicized and tragic flight losses, was awarded 5 out of 7 stars. 4 airlines only received one. They are Nepal's Tara Air and Nepal Airlines, Kam Air from Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan's SCAT Airlines.

Most dangerous airlines:

All 4 are banned in the European Union Member States and strongly advised against in the United States.

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