Science supports gay parents

Science Supports Gay Parents
Science Supports Gay Parents

When it comes to LGBT parents there are no accidents when building a family. These parents have to make the direct choice to create a family. The options include adopting, sperm donors, and other fertility technologies. While there has been a lot of speculation and criticism of gay parents, reseach and studies have proven there are extra benefits to raising an family with LGBT parents.

Today, most same sex parents are adopting from minority races and children over the age of 3. These are the demographics that have traditionally harder times being placed into adoption. These adoptions create a great relief and stability for at risk and foster children.

Another study found that children of same sex parents had higher levels of confidence and esteem. this could be attributed to the non-traditional family environment that often forces the children to have more open-communications. This has been proven to help down the road when the children face handle social differences and prejudices.

Laci from DNews has more on the research-backed benefits of gay parents.

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