Flyers fan gets special gift from the team

Flyers Fan Gets Special Gift From the Team
Flyers Fan Gets Special Gift From the Team

Philadelphia Flyers fan Kohlsen was the subject of a recent viral video, in which he was disgusted by his Christmas gift. Instead of something Flyers-related, Kohlsen instead unwrapped a Sydney Crosby jersey, star player for Philly's bitter rivals the Pittsburgh Penguins.

One morning, though, a package came to their door, addressed to the #1 Flyers Fan. The boy unwrapped a special gift, direct from the Flyers themselves: signed jerseys, Flyers gear -- and an invitation for him and his family to catch a game and meet up in the locker room afterwards. The note and gifts came straight Claude Giroux and the Philadelphia Flyers, and Kohlsen was excited and overwhelmed. His family couldn't even believe it!

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