Woman's dog wakes her during blaze on houseboat

Woman's Dog Wakes Her During Blaze in Houseboat
Woman's Dog Wakes Her During Blaze in Houseboat

When a houseboat in Kentucky caught fire, the woman inside was lucky that her best furry friend was with her. Her smoke alarm failed, but her dog, Buddy, didn't.

"Her dog woke her up," a WCPO reporter says. "My dog was patting me with his paw," houseboat owner Kathy Schad recalls. "She says she was asleep," Fire Capt. Chuck Enzweiler says.

The fire destroyed everything in the 60-foot houseboat named Free Again II, but, thanks to Buddy, it didn't claim her life.

A fire official says the blaze was likely caused by an electric heater. According to Cincinnati.com, the American Red Cross has found Kathy a place to stay in the meantime.

That hotel doesn't allow dogs, so for now, Buddy is staying with a friend.

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