Utah police officers thwart woman's suicide attempt during flight

Utah Police Officers Thwart Woman's Suicide Attempt Mid Flight
Utah Police Officers Thwart Woman's Suicide Attempt Mid Flight

Three police officers from Utah saved the life of a suicidal woman during a JetBlue flight from New York to Utah this week. Detectives Robert Odor and Cody Stromberg and Sgt. Terry Wall traveled from Salt Lake City to attend the funeral of Wenjian Liu. Liu is one of two NYPD officers murdered in Brooklyn last month.

During the flight, a 32-year-old woman became irate after an argument with her husband. She was escorted away from her husband to the front of the plane and there, she started taking pills and even wrote a suicide note. That's when officers stepped in.

"I just grabbed the pill bottle out of her hand and the note she was going to put on her lap and it explained what she had done to kill herself," Odor said at a press conference.

According to the officers, members of the flight crew and a doctor on board managed to restrain the woman who attempted to take a second bottle of pills after Detective Odor confiscated the first one.

They went so far as to physically pry her mouth open to remove the pills.

Sgt Wall told reporters that they tried to keep the woman calm and convince her they were there to help. The three Utah officers managed to restrain her for an hour and a half until the flight was diverted to Chicago.

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