'Storage Wars': Price battle for a unit pays off big time

'Storage Wars:' Pricey Battle for a Unit Pays Off Big Time
'Storage Wars:' Pricey Battle for a Unit Pays Off Big Time

It was a fight to the death on Tuesday night's episode of "Storage Wars" ... sort of.

Husband and wife team Rene and Casey traveled from San Diego to a storage unit auction in North Hollywood to get their hands on some treasures to sell at their thrift store.

The thrifty couple almost immediately found a locker they thought had a lot of potential to make them some cold hard cash.

Rene had to beat down some tough competition to get it, and he was pretty pumped about his big win afterward.

"Did I not tell you that when a good unit comes, I'm gonna outbid you, and then you're gonna walk away with a stupid story?" said Rene Nezhoda on "Storage Wars."

"You didn't outbid me," said his competitor Chris.

"Oh, I didn't outbid you? I didn't outbid you?" asked Rene.

"I dropped it on you," said Chris.

"Bye, rookie! Hey, don't mess with the professionals, okay? Get outta here," said Rene.

Yes, Rene went head-to-head against Chris, another bidder who really wanted to win that locker and wasn't shy about letting Rene know about it.

Chris here talked a lot of smack before the auction, even calling Rene a cocky fat man before the bidding started. Ouch.

"Storage Wars" fans on Twitter couldn't get enough of the tense confrontation, with many commenting on how funny Rene's comebacks were and how pointless the fight really was.

At the end of the day, Rene and Casey ended up being the real winners. They purchased their dream locker for $2,100 and found $7,780 worth of items inside, including gold jewelry, DVDs and a Tamiya Mini 4WD racing set.

See their locker findings:

'Storage Wars': Rene's Racing Kit
'Storage Wars': Rene's Racing Kit

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