Rick Ross gets Miami Heat logo tattoo on his face (Photo)


You can't call yourself a true fan of a team until you have had their logo tattooed on your face. Rick Ross can now count himself among the truest of the true Miami Heat fans, because he now has their logo inked just above his right eye.

Credit: Instagram via @unroyal_ink

It's not exactly a BIG tattoo though, is it? Clearly, Ross is not as big a Heat fan as this guy is a Patriots fan. If you want to talk about a TRUE fan, this guy wins the prize. This guy went ALL the way.

The truth is, Ross can easily get that tiny logo tat lasered off if he ever changes his mind. That logo is so small he doesn't even need the laser, he can just have his buddy burn it out with a lighter. Or he can have it covered up with another tat. Not that Rick Ross would ever consider switching basketball allegiances. I'm not accusing the guy of being another Snoop Dogg. I'm just saying, if the time ever comes when Rick Ross decides he's done with the Heat, it would not be all that difficult to remove or alter his pipsqueak little face tat.

Patriots guy is another story. Patriots guy's head is positively covered with Patriots pride. Patriots guy can never go back and he never wants to go back. He is the most diehard of the diehards. As we know, proving you are a "true" fan is the most important thing in the world. All other human pursuits pale in comparison.

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