Pork Roll, Egg and Bagel Grilled Cheese

Pork Roll, Egg and Bagel Grilled Cheese

By Grilled Cheese Social

This grilled cheese features everything that is beautiful in the world: farm fresh eggs, artisanal cheese, trendy NYC bagels, locally made hot sauce and responsibly made breakfast meat.


  • Blackseed bagel, I used a salt flavored one!

  • Kinsman Ridge cheese by Jasper Hill Farm

  • A&B American Style Pepper Sauce

  • farm eggs, over easy

  • Vincenza Pork Roll, pan-fried and grease reserved


  1. Begin by cutting that bagel in half and flipping it inside out – so the interior is now the exterior! This genius tip can make almost any bun-shaped bread into a perfect grilled cheese vessel... just FYI! Oh, and don't forget to add some of that delicious Kinsman Ridge cheese duh.

  2. Now it's time for the meaty all star of this dish. Taylor Pork roll has always had a questionable background... Mainly what the frick is a pork roll and is it safe to eat? Luckily for me, my dad's from Jersey so the pork roll has always been a staple in our home... which isn't necessarily the case across the country-until now! Some genius started making a pork roll that's actually made with good organic ingredients! And if you're still on the fence, I'd like you to know that Whole Foods even started carrying it, so if it stands up to their standards, it stands up to mine as well! Oh, and here's a trick that i learned from my friends at Whole Foods – when you pan-fry your pork roll, put 4 little cuts equal distance apart on the edge of the pork roll. This will help is stay flat so you can evenly brown it!

  3. Add the rest of the cheese and the top of the bagel. Now grab the pan that you used to fry up the pork roll and plop your sandwich in. Turn the heat to medium and let that pork fat crisp up the bread.

  4. After a few minutes, the cheese will be all melty and the bagel will have a beautiful crust – at this point, flip and repeat!

  5. Now that it's done, carefully open up the sandwich and add the fried eggs and however much hot sauce you want. Then close it up and slice it down the middle so that all the yolk-y goodness oozes all over your new sandwich baby.

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