John shares the must-know trends of 2015

The biggest trends of 2015 will continue to unfold throughout the year, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to speculate. John Colaneri, one half of HGTV's The Cousins, has a few thoughts on the matter.

When it comes to Colaneri's specialty, the kitchen, he says stainless steel appliances are on their way out. "Go with custom panels for appliances or a color that really stands out."

The future of kitchen design isn't his only prediction. Check out five other trends he's seeing blow up.

More trends to know:

  1. Reclaimed materials for designing and construction will continue to be something everyone wants in their home.

  2. Crossfit and unique ways to workout will be the key to getting fit and not getting stuck in the same routine.

  3. Men's grooming products are on the rise and there is nothing wrong with a guy that wants to look good.

  4. More and more soon to be mom's are working out longer into their pregnancy to help through birth and recovering.

  5. Denim for guys is back in a big way. From jean jackets to jean shirts jean material will be a large 2015 fashion piece for guys.

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