Farro and Butternut Squash Salad

Farro and Butternut Squash Salad

By Ashton Keefe

Not all comfort food has to be bad for you. Take farro, a fabulous little nutty grain from Italy that's high in fiber and protein. Toss it with any vegetable (roasted or not), herb or cheese on hand. Serve hot or cold, it's that good.

Serving Size: 4


  • 1 butternut or acorn squash, peeled and diced

  • Olive oil, divided

  • Sea salt, to taste

  • ½ lb dry farro

  • 1 qt chicken stock (or vegetable)

  • 1 cup hazelnuts, toasted

  • Juice of 1 lemon

  • 1 bunch parsley

  • 1 bunch chives


  1. Preheat oven to 450 degree F. Lay squash in one layer on a sheet tray and toss with olive oil (about 2 tablespoons) and season with salt. Roast 20-25 minutes until golden brown, using a spatula half-way through to rotate. Set aside to cool.

  2. In a pasta pot add 1-2 tablespoons olive oil and toast farro until slightly browned and nutty. Add stock and bring to a simmer. Cover and simmer lightly until farro is al dente, about 20 minutes. Drain and set aside in a large bowl. Add squash, hazelnuts and lemon juice. Season with additional salt and olive oil (about 2-3 tablespoons more) as needed.

  3. Top with parsley and chives.

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