Bono weighs in on romantic Irishman's elaborate proposal

Bono Helps Romantic Irishman Pull Off Elaborate Proposal
Bono Helps Romantic Irishman Pull Off Elaborate Proposal

Cliff Henry was planning an extra-special proposal for his childhood sweetheart Fiona O' Hehir, so he recruited the help of one of his favorite bands, Keywest.

Cliff planned a walk up Killiney Hill for Fiona's birthday -- and he asked Keywest to sing her favorite song, Raglan Road, at the top of the hill.

To capture the romantic moment, Cliff needed a film crew to disguise themselves as tourists -- and he told Fiona that he was testing the GoPro camera on his chest for work.

As if that weren't enough, Cliff unexpectedly received some tips about marriage from one of the planet's biggest rockstars who happened to on the hill that day, too -- Bono from U2.

Bono told the couple: "Marriage is like an act of grand madness; you jump up off the top of Killiney Hill and discover that you actually can fly."

Skip to 2:50 for the actual proposal -- but trust us, you want to watch the whole thing.

Credit: YouTube/Keywestofficial

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