A peek at the first annual CES red carpet

CES 2015 Red Carpet
CES 2015 Red Carpet

When fashion guru Steven Cojocaru hosted the first annual CES red carpet, he had a field day with the high tech trendsetters he encountered.

"What a hot bed of fashion!" he cried. "The glamor! The fleece! The backpacks! This is it. This is the spot. Can you feel the fashion energy? I've never seen such a beautiful wrinkled shirt that is so in need of Bounty!"

For Cojocaru, the mix of "Patagonia, Birkenstocks and granola people" was a far cry from couture -- but he hilariously made the best of it, and even gave out some advice. ("Do you know if pleats are still in? My wife doesn't like them" one hopeful man asked. "Pleats are still in, in 1978," Cojocaru replied. As you can see, he takes no fashion prisoners.)

Let's just say that the question "Who are you wearing!?" did not get very enthusiastic replies.

Check out the video above for the most unexpected red carpet.