WATCH: 'Bachelor' contestant goes on bizarre onion rant on Monday's season premiere

'Bachelor' Contestant Rants About Onions on Premiere
'Bachelor' Contestant Rants About Onions on Premiere

A new season of "The Bachelor" is finally here, folks! And yes, Monday night's premiere was just as shocking and cringeworthy as we all hoped it would be.

During the massive three-hour episode, brand new "Bachelor" Chris Soules struggled to narrow down the crowd of 30 eligible bachelorettes presented to him as possible soul mates.

And a few of those potential soul mates got pretty weird after knocking back a few during the cocktail party portion of the evening, especially Ashley Salter.

"Every person you meet is like an onion. You cut them, but when you cut them, you peel them back. Take a freaking look at this onion. Look at this onion!" said Ashley Salter on "The Bachelor."

Yeeeah, that was definitely one of the stranger "Shrek" references we've ever heard.

Salter's incredibly odd rant was the talk of Twitter during the premiere. We hope she's okay with the nickname "Onion Girl" sticking, 'cause we certainly are!

CarterMatt even voted the onion bit the weirdest moment of the night, calling it "EXTREMELY bizarre."

But is it possible that Salter was - GASP - faking the oddball act?

After all, as a writer for Bustle pointed out, even though it definitely seemed like it, she wasn't even drinking alcohol during the episode.

Salter was apparently sipping ice water out of that tall glass - everyone with a vodka tonic was served a drink in a short glass meant for more intoxicating beverages. Hmm.

Well, regardless of what made Salter act so strangely, it seemed to do something for Soules, who decided not to eliminate her at the first Rose Ceremony later in the night.

To see if Salter and her rants can make it to the end, you can check out new episodes of "The Bachelor" Mondays on ABC.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Salter's onion actually turned out to be a pomegranate. Go figure.

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