The apocalyptic moment a thunderstorm erupted inside a volcanic ash cloud


Recently released images show the stunning moment lightning bolts shot across a massive ash cloud emanating from an Indonesian volcano.

The shock lightning occurred nearly one year ago, but the images were only released this week by photographer Martin Rietze, according to the Mirror. He has spent the past 12 months chronicling the eruption of the Sinabung volcano.

The spectacular bolts of lightning streak through the ash cloud as red hot molten lava slowly seeps towards villages below that have since been engulfed by the liquid fire as if the gates of hell have swung open and the apocalypse has begun.

But there is a much more scientific explanation.

Static electricity caused by the collision of dust particles within the 8,000-foot-tall volcano is what likely led to the lightning, according to National Geographic.

Located in northern Sumatra, Sinabong had been dormant for hundreds of years before awakening in 2010.

Multiple villages were first enveloped in a thick blanket of ash before melting in a molten flow of lava.

Thousands have fled certain doom under mandatory evacuations and dozens have perished since the eruptions began.

Sinabung Volcano Kills 16: Harrowing Footage of the Eruption
Sinabung Volcano Kills 16: Harrowing Footage of the Eruption

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