Sen. Harry Reid emerges from accident with horrific injuries in new video to constituents


Senator Harry Reid has finally emerged from hiding following a horrific accident last week while exercising.

The Nevada Democrat fell when an exercise machine broke, causing significant injuries to his face, his office previously announced. He appeared Tuesday in a YouTube video with a bandage over his shockingly injured left eye.

Reid broke bones in his face, according to his office. The injury required him to be hospitalized overnight, but he vowed to be in Washington, D.C., this week for the start of the 114th U.S. Congress.

He made it to the East Coast, but appears to have decided against appearing at the Capitol.

"Most people know know I fought (boxed) for a couple of years," said Reid. "After any one of those fights, I never looked like a I do now."

Significant lacerations and bruising can be seen under the patch covering his eye that is being held in place with what appears to be a single strip of medical tape.

Reid quips that he did not get his black eye by sparring with champion boxer Manny Pacquiao,challenging champ Floyd Mayweather Jr, bull riding or riding a motorcycle.

"I was exercising in my new home," he lamented. "The doctors have told me I better take it easy."

Reid was set to enter his 33rd year in Congress but has decided to put off attending sessions for the time being.

The badly injured politician has instead been scheduling meetings with other senior members of Congress, he explained.

The Senator did not say when he planned to return.