'Punch a Cop' boxing class flyers taken down at high school

High School Criticized for 'Punch a Cop' Fliers
High School Criticized for 'Punch a Cop' Fliers

FOLSOM - Roy Luchier was riding his bike near Folsom High School when he noticed a flyer for an after-school boxing class and took a double take.

"It kind of took me for a loop. I'm thinking, 'Wait a second, that's kind of offensive,'" Luchier said.

The ad, which was posted in several spots around the high school, read, "Learn how to box, get in shape," and "Punch a cop, without going to jail."

Luchier, who is a father himself and the son of a cop, took one look at the flyer and thought it was some of sort anti-cop protest.

"There is just so much anti-cop hate going on society. A lot of the protests in New York. I think they should take it down," Lucier said.

A spokesperson Folsom Cordova Unified School District said the flyers were taken down Monday by administrators after FOX40 called the district.

"The intent was to use humor to attract a high school youth audience and to attract as many kids as possible in to a program that has been a positive benefit for them in the past," Folsom Cordova schools spokesperson Dan Thigpen said.

The flyers were approved by school administrators back in October. They were created by school resource officer and avid boxer James Dorris.

"We're sensitive to concerns. In light of recent events we have taken the flyers down," Thigpen told FOX40. "We will work with the officer to use different language in the future."

The program is partially funded by the Folsom Police Department union.

Department spokesperson Sgt. Jason Browning wants parents to know, "We are sorry people misconstrued the flyer. The program was and is well intentioned and has positively impacted the lives of many students."

The boxing class has been offered at Folsom High School for three years and will resume next month, without the flyers.

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