Police question woman with more than 100 animals

Police Question Woman With More Than 100 Animals
Police Question Woman With More Than 100 Animals

This story is being compared to the biblical tale of Noah's ark, which says Noah took two of every animal on the planet, except unicorns, and put them onto his ark before a massive flood.

One 61-year-old Arizona woman may have taken that Bible story a little too seriously. She had more than 100 animals ... including two zebras.

"They took away 15 birds, 16 cats and 11 dogs, along with a pig, four miniature horses and dozens of other animals," the KNXV reporter says.

To add to an already bizarre story, when police questioned her, she reportedly swallowed a soda tab. Police say they think it was her attempt to commit suicide and avoid jail. One neighbor told KPHO he's relieved detectives came:

"Unfortunately, I mean bless her heart, everybody has a soft spot for animals, but that just doesn't work, and it's not fair to your neighbors. It ended up not being fair," the neighbor says.

It's unclear whether the woman had licenses for some of the exotic pets, like the zebras.

In Arizona, a special license is typically needed to possess wildlife outside of, say, hunting season.

There's also an extensive "restricted live wildlife" list for the state.

There was feces all over the interior of the house as well. The woman could be facing charges for each recovered animal, and was actually once a Phoenix police officer, according to KPHO.

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