On Call: Winter sports injuries

AOL On Call  - Winter Injuries
AOL On Call - Winter Injuries

Dr. Karen Latimer, mother of five active kids, investigates the best ways to keep kids safe from skiing, sledding and winter sports injuries -- because there are more of them than you might think.

20,000 U.S. kids per year visit the emergency room for sledding injuries and 600,000 people are injured skiing and snowboarding each year.

The health expert with a little help from a pediatric orthopedic surgeon who handles these injuries offers a few things to keep in mind:

  • Beginner snowboarders should always wear wrist guards.

  • Always wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding.

  • Never stop in the middle of a slope.

  • Sledding can result in serious injury.

  • Make sure nothing is obstructing the bottom of the hill.

  • Be aware of fatigue which commonly leads to injuries.

  • Warming up is important in preventing injuries.

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