Anthony predicts what will be huge in 2015

From food to home, Anthony dishes on the trends that'll be everywhere this year.

Five trends you want to know:

Anthony's 2015 predictions
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Anthony predicts what will be huge in 2015

Anthony is "seeing more and more mid-century modern pieces available by the big-box retailers, so it will be much more accessible."

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"Modular homes will take a huge leap forward in affordability," says Anthony. "If what I saw at Dwell on Design this past year in L.A. is any indication, modular is here in a big way, and it's here to stay. One particular company I love is WheelHaus."

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"The connected home will be more attainable than ever before," predicts Anthony. "The internet of things has arrived and will continue to grow and become more affordable."

"I am a huge believer in the connected home for a lot of reasons: convenience, energy efficiency and security, just name a few."

Anthony says to keep your eye on: Nest, Sonos, Insteon, August

"[Also,] keep an eye out for the April issue of HGTV Magazine where my home will be featured. I talk a lot more about all of this, as I have integrated it all into my own space."

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"The slow food movement continues to gain traction and will continue to do so," believes Anthony. "We need more nutritious foods prepared in healthy ways."

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"Jersey City will truly come into its own this year," Anthony explains. "We have been seeing more and more tourists come over from NYC to check us out, and with all that is going on here, it is no wonder."

"I love being part of the renaissance and playing a meaningful role in the city's development, and when we can attract a chef like Dale Talde to come and open his doors here, for not one, but two dining destinations, you know the place is buzzing!

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