An African's message for America

An African's Message for America
An African's Message for America

Boniface Mwangi is an Kenyan Activist with a message to Americans from Africans: "why do you want to help us? Help your own country."

Boniface questions why so many Americans seek international opportunities when many domestic issues of race, safety, and equality still lie unresolved within American borders. Mwangi's message is a fresh perspective that challenges people to look for the best possible ways to add value to the world.

Why do American volunteers look for international opportunities to do meaningful charity work? Mwangi states an interesting but overlooked reality "you don't know them and they don't know you." This makes it difficult to contribute or even know what the region needs for help.

It is important to reflect on the true value of international service trips and community service. How is success measured and maintained? What happens after the trip is over? Mwangi challenges volunteers to look for ways to improve their local communities before they look to make service trips abroad.

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