5 quick fixes for a better you in 2015

From a simple decision that'll help you get in shape to a new mentality around tech, Anthony Carrino dishes on the simplest ways to a better you this year.

Check out Anthony's five baby steps to jump start self-improvement this year:

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5 quick fixes for a better you in 2015

Be introspective.

"Take the time to think about what you want ... write it down ... manifest it," offers Anthony. "I write down what I want ... what I want to accomplish, what I want to do, where I want to go, what relationships I want to foster. The written word has much more power than your own thought in your own head."

"I have a tattoo on my wrist of a raven, which has a symbolic meaning of introspection; this is important to me, and when I feel life taking over, sometimes a quick glance gives me a good reminder to take some time to myself and put my priorities back in order."

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Be passionate.

"Everyone should be passionate about something ... at least one thing," believes Anthony. "When I meet new people, it is one of the first questions I ask: 'Hey, what are you really passionate about?' Too many people can't answer this question."

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Take the stairs.

"It's quick, it's a good tip, and it will jump start that workout plan," quips Anthony.

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Control your tech.

"I am as guilty as anyone here," admits Anthony. "The phone dings and I am all over it: Email, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, text messages, email, phone calls ... I'm getting sick typing this!"

Anthony recommends controlling your inputs. "Very recently, I have shut off all my notifications for social media," he shares. "Beyond social media, I put my iPhone on 'Do Not Disturb' 30 minutes before I go to bed."

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Put down the drink.

"If you want a quick fix to losing weight, sleeping better and jump starting your health kick, there is nothing better than NOT drinking alcohol," says Anthony. "Do a six- or eight-week abstain and I guarantee you will see the results. And let's be honest, after the holidays and holiday parties, we could all use a break!"

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