Woman lost half her body weight and hated it

Woman Lost Half Her Bodyweight & Hated It
Woman Lost Half Her Bodyweight & Hated It

For a lot of people losing weight is the ultimate goal -- we diet, we work out and many times we fail. But, for the few that reach their goal weight, you expect that it's amazing. Well, when Andie Mitchell lost half her body weight she didn't expect that reaching her goal would push her into a deep depression.

Mitchells book 'It Was Me All Along' takes readers through her journey from nearly 300lbs down to 135 and the crippling relationship she had with food before and after her weight loss.

Mitchells issues with weight started early. When she was just 12 a doctor predicted she would tip the scales at 300 by the time she was 25.

"I was 268 pounds. This was a really scary moment for me. Terrifying. I just saw that my dad was 350, I knew that there were future versions of me that were bigger and bigger. I was 20 years old. I didn't want to turn 21 having never felt good about myself," Mitchell told the NY Post.

Through exercise and diligent logging of her food intake Mitchell got down to 135lbs. Despite feeling desirable and attractive, Mitchell became obsessed with counting calories and slowly grew isolated.

She says her relationship with food was still a problem even thin. "Food is fun. Food makes up some of my best memories, and now I was changing my relationship to food and it changed my relationship with everyone else. It led to depression."

Over time Mitchell finally struck a balance between her physical and mental health - happy at 150 lbs. She created the food blog Can You Stay For Dinner, gives talks on her struggle for weight loss, penned her memoir and is even releasing a cookbook in March 2016.

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