Wisconsin police find wedding ring on Christmas tree

Wisconsin Police Find Wedding Ring On Christmas Tree
Wisconsin Police Find Wedding Ring On Christmas Tree

Police in Wisconsin found an unusual ornament on their Christmas tree this year.

The Germantown Police Department put up this tree decorated by children...but when they went to take it down they found a wedding ring hung on one of the branches.

In a Facebook post, Police Chief Peter Hoell wrote, "Interesting mystery. While staff was taking down our Christmas tree today, they located a wedding ring that appeared to be intentionally placed on a branch. We had it examined and the diamonds are real. For now, we have placed it in safe keeping. If anyone can shed a little light on this mystery, I would appreciate it."

But if you're looking for a free late gift, you'll have to go elsewhere. The department didn't post a picture of the ring so whoever tries to claim it will have to prove themselves by giving a detailed description, or a picture of the owner wearing it.

Police aren't usually quick to hand over rings.

Andrew Johnson was hiding an engagement ring in his car when the LAPD caught two men breaking into it. He told KTLA what happened when he tried to claim it:

"He was coy at first and he said, 'Do you think you could describe this ring to me?' Of course I could and I had a receipt for it. He said, 'Well, in that case, I think this is the universe's way of telling you: You need to marry this girl."

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