Why are people going to Switzerland to kill themselves?

Why Are People Going to Switzerland to Kill Themselves?
Why Are People Going to Switzerland to Kill Themselves?

Switzerland is a beautiful region known for their mountains, luxury watches, and fine chocolates. However, many tourists are flocking to the country for a much more morbid reason.

Assisted suicide is a form of suicide facilitated with the assistance of medical professionals. The practice is commonly banned in countries around the world. However, Switzerland is one of the few countries that legally permits assisted suicide.

Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and New Mexico are the only states in the United States that legally permit physician assisted suicide. But Switzerland has no national laws against it. Between 2008 and 2012, 611 foreign people from 31 countries made use of these services in Switzerland. Women were 40% more likely to choose assisted suicide over men.

In order to participate, all patients undergo a thorough psychoanalysis to ensure they are making a sound decision. Swiss laws only require you don't do it for selfish reasons and you must prove that you are doing it to relieve suffering.

Tara from Discovery News has more details on why assisted suicide has become more and more popular 'tourist attraction' in Switzerland.

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