What Disney men look like in real life

What Disney Princes Look Like in Real Life
What Disney Princes Look Like in Real Life

Robby Benson voiced the character of the Beast in 1991 -- and that's not the only famous name behind a male Disney character.

Check out some of the other actors in disguise -- and prepare to be surprised:

Flynn Rider from 'Tangled' – Zachary Levi

Beast – Robby Benson

Aladdin – Scott Weinger (Scott also played Steve on Full House)

Kristoff from 'Frozen' – Jonathan Groff

John Smith – Mel Gibson

Prince Naveen from 'The Princess and the Frog' – Bruno Campos

Simba – Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Adult Simba - Matthew Broderick

Hercules – Tate Donovan

Li Shang from 'Mulan' – BD Wong (Donny Osmond played the singing voice)

Eric from 'The Little Mermaid' – Christopher Daniel Barnes

Tarzan – Tony Goldwyn

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