Steve Irwin's kids are all grown up, and they look more like him than ever


Steve Irwin's kids are growing up so fast. Bindi, 16, and Robert (AKA Bob), 11, shared the spotlight with their late father starting at birth, and they're still dedicated 'wildlife warriors' today.

Recently, Bindi uploaded a photo of her brother, gushing: "He is more and more like Dad every day."

She's not kidding -- with Bob's blond hair and enthusiastic smile, he's the spitting image of his late father.

Bindi is still Bob's No. 1 fan, captioning another shot,"This boy is my world"

Though Bindi's love of her brother endures, her hair color has undergone a transformation. She debuted a sophisticated, darker shade that got rave reviews in her Instagram comments. "Kinda fun being out of khaki for a night," she wrote next to another photo of herself where her dark hair is down and she's in a pretty floral dress.

Sadly, Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin passed away in 2006. Though he's gone, the spirit of conservation lives on in his children, and there's no doubt they make him proud each and every day.

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