'Sister Wives': Janelle opens up about her feud with Meri

'Sister Wives:' Janelle Opens Up About Her Feud With Meri
'Sister Wives:' Janelle Opens Up About Her Feud With Meri

On the season six premiere of "Sister Wives," Janelle Brown opened up to the family's therapist about the growing tension between her and Kody's first wife, Meri.

"I feel like my opinion on certain things, it's like it's just not heard ... and Meri's is heard. But it is an interesting insight into probably the core difference between Meri and I," said Janelle Brown on "Sister Wives."

Janelle told marriage therapist Nancy Hunterton she had been friends with Meri before marrying Kody -- but their relationship took a turn for the worse after Janelle joined the family as Kody's second wife.

We've seen some of the tension between Janelle and Meri rear its ugly head on the show before.

Anyone remember when Janelle made Meri cry a few years back after telling her she didn't deserve a nice house because she didn't produce as many children as the rest of the wives?

And Janelle revealed in the family's book, "Becoming Sister Wives," she's been fighting with Meri for years. "Meri and I went from cordial to frosty overnight. We snipped at each other over the smallest things. ... It was clear I was unable to do anything right–or rather, in a way that suited Meri."

Janelle admitted she deals with her problems with Meri by keeping her feelings bottled up inside, and she feels like no one in the family is hearing her.

Hunterton suggested Janelle bring Meri to some therapy sessions so they can work on their relationship in a safe place, but Janelle seemed hesitant about the idea.

To see if Janelle and Meri can finally bury the hatchet this season, you can catch new episodes of "Sister Wives" Sunday nights on TLC.

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