Johnny Manziel flips off bar crowd, has drinks thrown at him

Haslam Calls Out Younger Players
Haslam Calls Out Younger Players

Stop me if you're heard this before, but Johnny Manziel is involved in a story involving alcohol, a nightclub and unruly behavior.

According to TMZ, Johnny Manziel was attacked with drinks at Dekan nightclub in Houston over the weekend after some of the club's patrons began shouting at the Browns quarterback and "aggressively" tried to have their picture taken with the former Heisman winner.

Things got particularly sticky when hecklers got the best of Manziel and he flipped them off which resulted in drinks beginning to fly.

Manziel and members of his party were ushered out by club security and went to their hotel to change their clothes after getting splashed with drinks and returned to the club while those who tossed the drinks were booted.

Thank God he was able to party without any further incident.

Yes, this is completely not shocking behavior to hear about another story involving Manziel and some sort of shenanigans at an adult establishment.

He is allowed to have a life outside of football and do other things people in his position are doing, but you sure don't see other NFL players involved in stories like this. At least not at the frequency Manziel is, but if he can't handle a few drunk people at a bar heckling him, how is he going to handle life in the NFL?

Manziel ended his rookie season on the injured reserve after injuring his hamstring in the penultimate game of the year in his second start of the year. His first season was a rousing disappointment with 175 yards passing on 18-of-35 passing with two interceptions and a fumble with zero passing touchdowns and a 42 quarterback rating.

He is looking more like another first-round bust than he is a franchise quarterback for a franchise starved for one and as long as little things like this continue to happen it will be harder and harder for him to change that course.

What's the over/under on how many weeks until another story like this happens? Let's set it at 4.

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