Has NASA predicted the end of civilization?

Has NASA Predicted The End of Civilization?
Has NASA Predicted The End of Civilization?

Is civilization on the verge of collapse?

Doomsday theories are not a new concept and they are usually quickly dismissed. However, a NASA backed study is dishing up some serious evidence that has many people listening.

Throughout human history there is a cycle of rise and collapse of all the successful empires. The Roman Empire, the Mayan Empire, or the Byzantine Empire are just a few examples. Could our modern western 'empire' be next?

Population, climate, energy, resource management are all stressed areas that could elevate into complicated problems despite our modern day technology. It is believed that our civilization is approaching a dangerous stage of the empire cycles.Ultimately the approaching age of decadence would see elite society members over consume resources that will eventually lead to the demise of an empire.

Discovery News provides details about the possible end of our civilization as we know it.

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