Escaped emu turns motorists' heads running on Israel roadway

Emu Weaves In and Out Of Traffic
Emu Weaves In and Out Of Traffic

HERZLIYA, Israel (AP) - Israeli traffic this weekend was really for the birds.

In the central Israeli town of Herzliya near Tel Aviv, an escaped emu ran through traffic Sunday on a main road between cars in the rain. Local authorities say the bird escaped from a private farm.

Passer-by Iliya Zelser filmed the bird's run. He says the experience made him feel like he was in a cartoon.

Zelser says he expected to hear the "beep beep" of the cartoon Road Runner.

The 27 year old told The Associated Press: "I said to myself in a second, a coyote will appear from behind. This was a really absurd situation."

Dorit Basman, the spokeswoman for the town of Herzliya, says authorities caught the emu Sunday and safely returned it to its owner.

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