Couple 'trapped' in unlocked closet, calls 911, gets arrested

Couple 'Trapped' in Unlocked Closet, Calls 911, Gets Arrested
Couple 'Trapped' in Unlocked Closet, Calls 911, Gets Arrested

By: Gillian Pensavalle

A Florida couple called police for help getting out of an unlocked closet.

John Arwood and Amber Campbell were found in a janitor's closet at Daytona State College. According to the police report, Arwood called 911 on his cell phone saying he and Campbell had been trapped in the closet for two days after someone chased them in there.

Arwood couldn't identify who was chasing them and couldn't give the police any other information.

Police tracked the signal from Arwood's phone and found the couple in a closet in the Daytona State College Marine and Environmental Science Center. The report says police found copper scouring pads -- which are sometimes used to smoke crack, but no drugs were found in the closet.

The two are charged with trespassing and Campbell was charged with violating her probation, which she was put on after resisting arrest in 2013.

To try and figure out how they got locked in, one officer stepped into the closet and closed the door behind him while another officer stood outside. The door did not lock, so Arwood and Campbell were just sitting in an unlocked closet for two days.

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