Banned words for 2015


HOUSTON, Texas – Every year, Oxford adds words to the dictionary based on pop culture. In 2014, it was words like "humblebrag" and "binge-watch."

But every year, Lake Superior State University in Michigan takes some words away, banning them for common misuse, overuse, or flat-out uselessness.

Public enemy number one on the 2015 list is "bae." Showing up in rap songs since 2005, "bae" refers to your "baby," or your significant other. Then later it became an acronym for "before anyone else."

Also falling victim to the ban hammer this year, "foodie." Everyone enjoys a good meal. Turns out posting a picture of everything you're served doesn't deserve it's own title.

And on a more serious note- "enhanced interrogation." There's nothing politically correct about torture, and using a fancy euphemism to excuse it is just, for lack of a better banned word, "cra-cra."

Now no one enforces the ban. So while telling people not to do something only makes them want to do it more, look forward to hearing these banned words all the more in 2015.