AirAsia Flight QZ8501: Three more bodies recovered, bringing total to 37, and four more identified

More Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Flight
More Bodies Recovered From AirAsia Flight


An additional three bodies have been pulled from the wreckage of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, the airline has announced.

The trio brings the total of recovered victims to 37, AirAsia said in a Monday statement. Four more remains were also identified, bringing that total to 13.

The three males and one female identified are Tony Linaksita, Shiane Josal , Lim Yan Koen and Yongki Jou.

Their remains have been handed over to their respective families, the airline said.

The grim news came as an Indonesian government climatologist claimed in a newly-released report that icy conditions led to the flight's demise.

It has also been reported, by CNN, that Flight QZ8501 was not licensed by the Indonesian Transport Ministry to fly on the day the incident occurred.

That lack of official clearance may have contributed to the pilots not being provided with an official weather forecast, the Jakarta Post has also reported.

AirAsia had the forecast in hand, but not until almost an hour after the plane crash.

This latest development comes only days after it was revealed a Chinese conspiracy theorist appeared to have predicted the doomed flight weeks in advance, but falls mostly in line with the widely-held belief that weather played a central role in downing the plane.

It has been widely reported the pilot requested a change in altitude while trying to fly above violent monsoonal thunderstorms nearly halfway through the Surabaya, Indonesia, to Singapore flight.

The climatologist's report is the first comment from an official government channel over what may have caused QZ8501 to plunge into the sea.

Debris including suitcases, seats, air masks and clothes has been recovered, and investigators believe they have located the airliner's fuselage, but the black boxes have yet to be recovered.

There were 162 souls aboard the plane. No survivors have been found.