Marilyn Monroe's New Year's resolutions posted online

Marilyn Monroe's 1955 New Years Resolutions Posted Online
Marilyn Monroe's 1955 New Years Resolutions Posted Online

For New Years 1955, iconic starlet Marilyn Monroe didn't make a resolution to hit the gym, she just wanted to be a better actress.

A list of the "Some Like It Hot" star's New Year's resolutions in 1955 were recently posted online on Uproxx, giving a glimpse at what was important to the then-29-year-old actress less than two years after her iconic role in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes."

To anyone who thought the blonde bombshell was just a blonde bimbo, you'd be surprised to learn that her education at Lee Strasberg's Actors Studio was the main focus of her career.

The list says she will make an effort to:

"Go to class -- my own always -- without fail."

"Go as often as possible to observe Strasberg's other private classes."

"Never miss Actor's Studio sessions."

"Work whenever possible - on class assignments - and always keep working on the acting exercises."

"If possible - take at least one class at university in literature."

Monroe also touched upon her personal struggles, and wrote that she hoped to work on the problems and phobias that "out of my past has arisen."

The award winning actress's list of resolutions ends on a sober note. She wrote,"Try to enjoy myself when I can - I'll be miserable enough as it is."

Monroe's battle with depression is well documented, and in 1962 the Los Angeles Coroner's office would pronounce her dead as a result of "probable suicide."