What happened to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's eyebrows?

N Korean Leader Ready for Summit with South
N Korean Leader Ready for Summit with South


Dictator Kim Jong Un raised more than a few eyebrows during a recent New Year's address on North Korean state television.

The despot's speech was televised in both North and South Korea, but all anyone noticed was that half his eyebrows are missing.

No comment has been made by North Korean officials, but Kim appears to have only the inner half of each eyebrow.

The brows appear to be purposely manicured or shaved to maintain the bizarre look, which oddly matches his gravity defying hair almost perfectly.

Kim also adopted the bizarre look about two years ago, but quickly did away with it, according to Hong Kong newspaper the South China Morning Post, which said they sat "above his eyes like little dashes."

He also donned an all-black suit buttoned to the top with a small North Korean flag pin over the left breast pocket while sitting at a dais in front of 11 microphones despite the hermit kingdom having only one television station.

Kim mentioned wanting to conduct high-level talks with South Korea to improve relations between the two countries.

"Dear Leader" also managed to speak of how his country is entering the New Year on a surge of strength because "factionist filth" has been eliminated.

That factionist filth was his uncle, a man reported executed on Kim's order.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this article.

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