Waitress given $2,500 tip from generous customers

Waitress Gets Shocking New Year's Eve Tip
Waitress Gets Shocking New Year's Eve Tip

BEACHWOOD – Lindsey Armold is a working mom with two kids, and she's now $2,500 richer thanks to some thoughtful customers at the Wasabi Japanese Steakhouse in Beachwood.

"Call it karma, good luck, hard work," said Armold's manager Kevin Harper.

Harper remembers working the night the family first came in, saying Armold went above and beyond in her service.

"I've had a really struggling year," Armold said. Giving her daughters what she didn't have growing up is what Armold hopes to use the money for, and she wants to contribute it to a college fund.

Normally, Armold works 4-5 days a week and is looking forward to taking off a few days to spend with her kids.

Armold has been with the company for about two years according to Harper.

"This is going to help her out tremendously, it's a blessing that there's nice people out there that would be generous enough to provide for a family. It's a great overall lesson to pay it forward it society, especially today in the hard times we're having," Harper said.

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